About Daan Group

Who Are We?

The Daan Groups is a family owned business that carefully sources and delivers top of the line luxury RC Toys to our customers.Inspired by our goal of seeding children’s dreams, we maintain strict quality control standards so that the fine details may encourage immersive play.

We firmly believe that dreaming big is not a right that should be reserved for adults. As such, exposing children to licensed luxury RC Toys at a young age may be a form of positive exposure that facilitates goal setting and an overall positive outlook later in life.

Brands Authenticated

Luxury car brands such as McLaren and Ferrari have received positive feedback from distributing our branded RC cars and ride-on vehicles to their clients.

Safty First

We continue to uphold high safety standards as our customer base grows. Only non-toxic material is used during the manufacturing. For certain products such as ride-on vehicles, parental control is also installed to ensure safety measures can be deployed incase of emergency.

Fulfill Kid's Dream

Our products have delighted many families in the GTA and beyond. We care about children’s dreams and believe that play is an excellent way to seed them. Sourcing for innovative and safe products that will sow the seeds have thus become our mission.

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